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•    Rectangular, round, & welded duct
•    Galvanized G90, stainless steel 304/316, black iron, aluminum, PCD, paint grip, & perforated galvanized
•    All connections including: TDF, S & Drive, Ductmate, and Companion Flange
•    All hardware included w/every fabricated order
•    Rectangular Seams: snap lock, pittsburg, spot welded & fully welded MIG or TIG.
•    Welded grease duct manufacturing
•    Burglar bars, roof curbs, curb adapters, curb covers, drain pans, and more
•    Round spiral pipe fabricated in galvanized & exotic metals such as aluminum, PCD, paint grip, perforated

       galvanized, & stainless steel 304 and 316. Sizes from 3” and up
•    Fiberglass duct board fittings
•    Manifolding or pre-fabrication of ductwork lines
•    Double wall rectangular & round duct & fittings
•    Manufacturing ductwork for commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC projects.
•    Industrial paint booth and spray booth enclosures
•    Clean tunnel and clean room enclosures
•    Industrial dip tanks
•    Custom metal fabrication of any material available and in a variety of colors
•    Laser cutting capabilities


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