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meet the qds sales team

Our dedicated and highly trained sales team provides extensive knowledge in the industry and works with you to provide pricing for your project, based around your budget and specifications. We can also provide CAD or BIM 3D modeling.

At QDS we strive to provide the highest quality ductwork fabrication and customer service to mechanical HVAC contractors throughout Michigan and the surrounding states—at a competitive price. We assess and fulfill QDS customer needs by providing superior support from the beginning to end of each project whether it is large or small.


Sales/Project Manager


QDS sales team provides superior support to customers­­—overseeing projects from the bid stage through fabrication and delivery—making sure you receive a quality project that is on-time and in budget.

ryan runyon

Inside Sales - Curb Adapters



Customer Service Rep


a solution for any project

We look at every job as an opportunity to stretch our imaginations, brainstorm on the best way to produce your product and consider the most cost efficient way to get the job done.


We can include ductwork fabrication for your entire job or for requested portions, and always offer direct delivery to the job site. Of course, if you'd rather pick it up in person, we are happy to offer that option as well.


Lets get started on your next job!  Contact us today!

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